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Taking Control of Your Healthcare: Get Smart, Be Informed, Take ControlResearch has shown that people who actively participate in their healthcare—those who ask questions of their doctors and play an active role with their doctors in making decisions about their care—are the ones who get the right care and have the best outcomes. How can you be sure you’re receiving the right care? You need to get smart, be informed and take control of your healthcare. This book helps you do that.


Authors for this book are:

  • Jeffrey I. Kreisberg, Ph.D.
  • Suzanne H. Kreisberg, M.D.
  • Lawrence M. Kreisberg, M.S.
  • Joan M. Kreisberg, M.S.


The Kreisberg’s have taken their many years of experience in the healthcare field and distilled the most important lessons you need to learn to get the care you need as an individual. With this book as a guide, you’ll know how to find the right doctors and ask the right questions so you have the information you need to help you weigh all your treatment options and choose the best course of action.

You will learn:

  • the risks associated with different diseases
  • how to select the right hospital so you can maximize the quality of your care
  • how to take your prescription medications safely
  • insight into getting specialized care for your elderly loved ones

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