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  1. Helen Eschenbacher July 15, 2014 at 11:56 am #

    This map of the USA with its metrics is difficult to understand… The map says that Georgia is 49th in health care costs…

    Cost to whom? Or cheapest prices for health care?

    I do know that since Governor Nathan Deal (R) refused federal Medicaid dollars, four of our hospitals have closed in poorer areas of GA. One out of 5 Georgians have NO health insurance and therefore use emergency rooms as their family doctor…and they go FREQUENTLY! Something to do on a Saturday night… I have seen these ER bills! $19,000 for an 18 hour ER stay for a 78 y/o woman who fell over an exposed tree root in the sidewalk and struck her head. No LOC, no confusion, but her family wanted her “checked out.” After two MRIs, x-rays and a multitude of consulting doctors she was discharged w/ dx of mild concussion. She had NO health insurance.

    I know poor people who call an ambulance to go to an ER if they are too hot to walk home from a bus stop! Seriously! On Sunday I was asked to see a neighbor, a 50 y/o white male who was “dizzy.” It was 95 degrees with 100% humidity…Hey! I felt lousy too! His BP was normal, his pulse regular and strong. But his family said he had fallen HARD and struck his head the day before. He was neurologically intact. I told him to lie down, crank up the a/c, and drink cold fluids without caffeine. BTW he drinks 10-12 MUGS of coffee a day.

    I then said “Call your FP tomorrow on Monday”….but No-o-o! His family called 911. He went to the ER. They gave him a liter of IV saline and he was sent home. However I am aware that most FPs do not see same day appts for “sick” people…they are triaged directly to the ER.

    Did you read “Bitter Pill?” a Times Magazine essay (Feb, 2014) that gave the inside story of pricing health care and how medical systems are now the LARGEST employer in small towns. It is a completely fixed system.

    But I digress…What does 49th in health care costs mean?

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