The explosion of social media in healthcare

Healthcare and Social Media
Source: Healthcare and Social Media

Aria Cahill and her team of editors at Master of Health Administration has put together this wonderful infographic showing how social media is helping patients get the information they need to get safe quality healthcare.

Here is what patients are doing on the web to get that information:

Here’s a look at what health-related issues people have reported talking about on social media.
– Supporting a health-related cause – 28%
– Commenting about health experiences or updates – 27%
– Posting about health experiences or updates – 24%
– Joining a health-related cause – 20%
– Tracking and sharing health symptoms or behavior – 18%
– Posting reviews of medications, treatments, doctors or insurers – 16%
– Sharing health-related videos or images – 16%

Social media will ultimately help provide the information patients and practitioners need to provide safe, quality healthcare at lower cost.


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