May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Our pets have become full-fledged family members of our households. Are you aware that there are more households with pets (43 million!) than with children? We pamper them with days at the spa, take them on vacations and include them in family pictures. And, like full family members, we grieve for them when they get sick and must be put to sleep — my family is still heart broken over the death of our dachshund Lucy from cancer two years ago.

Yes, dogs get cancer. About one in three dogs die from cancer, a rate remarkably similar to their human family members, and after 10 years of age, cancer kills 50% of dogs. To help raise awareness and provide information on the different types of cancer and care for pets with cancer, the AKC Canine Health Foundation has designated May “Pet Cancer Awareness Month.” For the rest of this article, please visit CultureMap.


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