Why I call it “ObamaCares”: The Affordable Care Act is a victory for reproductive rights

Congratulations women, families and would-be families across America! Thanks to the President and his administration, women will now have reproductive rights!

You see, last week the President resisted pressure from Catholic bishops and the old, white male-dominated Republican establishment and announced his administration’s decision to provide full, free contraceptive coverage under the Preventive Care package of the Affordable Care Act (which I prefer to call “ObamaCares”). The significance of this policy announcement is made even more important by last week’s uproar regarding the Komen Foundation’s financial support of Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to ObamaCares, employer insurance plans must not discriminate against women in health care, and must cover FDA approved birth control with no co-pays or deductibles beginning in August 2012. This means millions of women who previously could not afford contraceptives will now have access to them.

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  1. Chittra November 13, 2015 at 12:27 pm #

    , I take heart from Charles Krauthammer (hallowed be his name). He’s said all along that this particular budegt battle (the 2011 operating budegt, and current cuts) was largely a distraction from the main events: next year’s budegt, and a vote to raise the debt ceiling.Krauthammer has said that the best thing to do was strike a deal, even if not a perfect deal, in order to keep the main artillery ready for the really big fights, which will be upon us shortly. I sure hope he’s right.

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