Do We Really Want to Repeal the ACA?

More than 25 states are arguing before the supreme court the constitutionality of mandating everyone buy health insurance? If the supreme rules in their favor, it will likely bring down the entire bill. I don’t think most Americans know what’s at stake here. If the entire law was struck down say good bye to the following:

low cost drugs for seniors
Coverage even if you have a preexisting condition.
Allowing your child to remain on your policy until 26(this has already allowed tens of thousands to keep their insurance.
Prevention of charging more for policies for women (sex rating).
Pregnancy not being a preexisting condition.
Free preventive care.
Preventing lifetime or annual maximums.
Long term care insurance.
Tax incentives to small businesses who provide insurance for their employees.
A requirement that insurance companies spend at least 80% of our premiums on healthcare.

A majority of Americans want these reforms. Hopefully, we won’t have to start over from scratch. I don’t think many of us don’t want to see that happen!


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