Obamacare Is Saving Seniors Big Bucks!

Tuesday morning a fact sheet on the healthcare.gov site called attention to the $166 million seniors have saved so far this year because of a provision in the healthcare law calling for a “50 percent discount on brand name drugs.” The discount is part of the Obama Administration’s promise to “close the ‘doughnut hole’ by the end of the decade.” According to the site “271,000 people have gotten discounts and saved an average of $613.” Of the discounted drugs, almost “20 percent” were for cancer medications and “another 10 percent” were for multiple sclerosis treatments.

Folks, Obamacare works! Provisions like this will bend the cost curve; just give the law time to work. Remember, if the Repugnuts are allowed to have their way, the doughnut hole will remain in the on position-costing us big bucks! The Repugnuts only care about the $$$ they receive from big pharma, not about seniors health.


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