Medicare Cannot Even Give Away Healthcare

Starting in January of this year, seniors enrolled in Medicare no longer have to pay for more than a dozen tests and other services to help prevent or control cancer and other costly and debilitating diseases. These benefits, which also include an annual wellness exam, are part of the new federal health-care law. Yet, hardly anyone is taking advantage of these important, free benefits. It make me wonder whether our seniors are really interested in better care and whether they give a dam about run away Medicare costs? A colonoscopy can detect a polyp before it becomes malignant and incurable. A flu shot can save your life.

A list of which preventive services are now free and other information are included in the “Medicare & You” handbook (available at or at 800-MEDICARE), the user’s manual sent to all 48 million Medicare beneficiaries. A 48-page Medicare guide on preventive benefits is also available from Medicare.

Please take advantage of these free preventive services. They will save money, but, most important they may save your life!


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