ATTENTION-Repugnuts Are Slashing Medicare Benefits!

Remember, how the Repugnuts were screaming “death panels!” when the new healthcare legislation (ACA) was enacted because the  rate of growth of Medicare was to be curtailed? They warned that grandma was being thrown under the bus! Well, just like I told you, the Repugnuts have much more dire plans for Medicare which will result in millions of seniors not being able to afford care. The old privatization scheme has been reborn and the only ones to benefit from this plan will be the insurance companies.

The Republican-led House Budget Committee approved a $3.5 trillion budget for 2012 last Wednsday. The measure lays the groundwork for a decade of cuts in spending, taxes and deficits, tempered by a shift in medical costs from the government to future retirees and a reshaping of the two chief federal health programs for the elderly and poor, Medicare and Medicaid. Congressman Paul Ryan (Rep), Chair of the committee, is the author of the plan.

“It doesn’t reform Medicare, it deforms and dismantles it,” Rep Van Hollen said of the GOP’s budget. As for Medicaid, the budget “rips apart the safety net” for poor and older people, he added. Medicare would remain largely unchanged for people now 55 and older. Starting in 2022, new retirees would get fixed amounts of money from the government to buy private insurance. The sick would get more money than others, the wealthy less. How do you think the younger workers feel about this? Paying for our elders’ healthcare while getting the shaft when they become seniors.

The budget office analysis said future retirees would pay considerably more for healthcare under Ryan’s approach. That’s because the Medicare benefits package would be more expensive to deliver through private insurance companies, which pay doctors and hospitals more than the government and have higher overhead costs.

By 2030, the government payment would cover only about one-third of the typical retiree’s total health care costs, the budget office said.

Ryan also would gradually raise the current Medicare eligibility age of 65 to 67 by 2033. And he would revive the “doughnut hole” gap in Medicare prescription drug coverage that last year’s health care law eliminated, the budget office said.

Oh yea, since many of you are worried about taxing millionaires, not-to-worry. Part of the plan is steep tax cuts for millionaires! So, everyone is sacrificing-the poor won’t have healthcare, the middle class won’t have Medicare, and the rich won’t have to pay taxes.


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