Use Designated Cancer Centers to For the Best Care

Not surprisingly, given our aging population, a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and reported in the lay pressfound that healthcare costs for cancer treatment will skyrocket over the next ten years. The elderly, of course, disproportionately share the burden of chronic disease, including cancer. Contributing greatly to the skyrocketing costs is the profit that comes along with cancer treatment.

One way to lower costs is to funnel patients with cancer to National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers. These centers of excellence are funded by the National Cancer Institute and are not-for-profit. Salaried physicians, who are often on the faculty of affiliated medical schools use best practices designed to diagnose and treat cancer patients. I know for certain that if me or anyone in my family was diagnosed with cancer we would go the the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for a second opinion and treatment. The  problem we face is that there is a shortage of these centers. In the state of Texas we have four such cancer centers. Given the  magnitude of the problem facing us with healthcare costs, it may be worth our while to invest in more of these centers. They will provide good jobs for the community and excellent healthcare while saving money.


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