Let’s Break The Tie Between Health Insurance and Employment

To truly change our healthcare system for the better, we must separate employment from healthcare. Because employer sponsored health insurance is subsidized with tax exemptions to the tune of $170 billion a year, it is unfair for everyone who subudizes this but cannot participate because his employer does not offer insurance, and it deviates from free market principles.

Salary increases have been replaced by ever exorbitant health insurance policies which drive patients to seek more and more healthcare and, consequently, increases costs for all of us. How can the free market apply here when the patient is not the consumer? The consumer, rather than the patient, is the insurance company (or Medicare, for seniors).

If the patient buys his own insurance he becomes more responsible for his own healthcare costs. This can be achieved by eliminating the tax subsidies. This should also relieve employers of these costs which can be passed onto employees with pay raises. Folks will be able to purchase insurance on the exchanges. Also, now would be the time to pass a public option.


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