Repealing The ACA, Be Careful What Wish For

A debate between the incumbent democratic Senator from Wisconsin Russ Feingold and his Republican challenger Don Johnson revealed that Mr Johnson could care less about the legislative achievements that have helped average Americans.Instead, he admits to playing to the fears of many Americans that government is too big and doesn’t provide anything useful to them. Indeed, when Russ listed some major achievements like adding 1.5 million jobs that would have otherwise been lost, making it illegal for insurance companies to deny insurance to people with preexisting conditions and consumer credit card protection Mr Johnson dismissed these and proudly declared that he didn’t think the election was about the details. Well maybe that’s how some Americans feel, but here’s a detail we better pay close attenttion to.

In the past two years before the enactment of the ACA, insurance companies like WellPoint, Inc., Aetna, Inc., Humana, Inc. and UnitedHealth Group, Inc. denied health coverage to 49 percent more people citing pregnancy or plans for adoption among their reasons! The insurers rejected 651,000 applicants from 2007 to 2009 for illnesses or conditions they had before applying for coverage, according to the report by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, led by Representative Henry Waxman ( Armstrong and Nussbaum, Oct 12, 2010).

if you think you’re immune to this, think again. Given the precarious nature of the economy the older we get it is likely that some of us will be facing the prospect of buying health insurance on our own. If Republicans get their way and repeal the Act, once you turn 50 it will be near impossible to get a policy because you will most likely have a preexisting condition.

Be careful whatnyoh wish for, it can be bad for your health!


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