Thank Goodness for Government-subsidized Healthcare!

I’m not sure I understand why so many people get so excited about the government taking over our healthcare? Don’t you realize that if it wasn’t for government “subsidies” most of us wouldn’t be able to afford healthcare insurance? As reported by David Leonhardt in today’s NY Times, of the $2.3 trillion the U.S. spends on healthcare each year, the feds and state governments account for $1.0 trillion (subsidizing fed employees, state employees, VA, Medicare, with our tax dollars). Add to that the $250 billion lost in tax revenues due to the tax exclusion for private employer-provided health insurance (which in reality amounts to a subsidy), the grand total comes to $1.35 trillion. That is over one half of our healthcare costs! At least with health insurance reform the insurance companies  will be required to spend 85% of insurance dollars on healthcare, not the 70% that’s presently spent.

With the public option off the table, the proposed increase in subsidies to help the uninsured afford healthcare insurance will markedly increase the profits of private insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals and doctors. So, relax out there! For all of you who are afraid of socialized medicine, the free market is alive and well thanks to government-subsidized healthcare.


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