Say it ain’t so, Joe and Howard?

We’ve come so far with healthcare reform and now it appears that the former head of the democratic national committee with former democrat turned independent turned republican are derailing efforts by Harry Reid to derail healthcare reform. Joe Leiberman, former vice presidential candidate on the Kerry ticket has gone syphilitic backtracking on previous statements was in favor of Medicare for all, forgot he ever said such a thing and now is in favor of killing healthcare reform rather than expanding Medicare (this is where the syphilis comes in). This one twerp appears to have the power to kill healthcare reform!! What’s going on here??

Howard Dean, once the spokesman for the democratic party and a physician says the new version of the Senate healthcare bill is “a political disaster for Democrats-a ticking time bomb for years to come.”  

WHAT ABOUT THE TICKING TIME BOMB 30 MILLION UNINSURED AMERICANS FACE EACH AND EVERYDAY! They fear that an illness doesn’t cause them to loose their jobs, their homes and file for bankruptcy or worse, die. Over 40,000 Americans die each year because they lack health insurance.

The Senate healthcare bill should be passed with or without the public option because it will insure 30 million Americans who are currently not insured! The Senate is so concerned about costs that they neglect the human costs of doing nothing!

Besides insuring 30 million additional Americans, the Senate bill will:

1. Prohibit insurance companies from dropping or denying insurance because of preexisting conditions.

2. Health insurance will be portable so if you loose or change jobs you can take your insurance with you.

3. Will require insurance companies to spend 85 cents of every premium dollar on healthcare (compared to 70 cents today).

4. Will protect Medicare benefits

5. Will close the Medicare Part D donut hole.

6. Will allow the Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services to negiate Medicare drug costs.

7. Will limit age rating to 2:1

8. Will create an independent Medicare commission to develop and initiate new methods to reduce medical costs. Currently, the commission must report to Congress.

9. Will provide dollars to continue the expanded CHIP program.

10. Will tax Cadillac health insurance plans.

If we kill healthcare reform, Medicare will become insolvent while baby boomers are just entering the program. The number of Americans without insurance will increase and more and more will file for bankruptcy because of health costs. Importantly, insurance premiums for those of us with insurance will double in the next 10 years, approaching $24,000 a year for a family. I don’t know about you, but just the threat of reform caused my insurance to go up 15% this year. These consequences are unsustainable-call your Senators and tell them to pass healthcare reform before you face life without healthcare!


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