Public Pay Option-Socialism or Social Concern

When did America become so callous that we turn our backs on our neighbors who are suffering because they don’t have health insurance? How did we become so arrogant that we believe, despite hard evidence to the contrary, that America, just because it’s America, has the best healthcare in the world and that every other industrialized country that provides universal coverage is inferior to us? Have you seen the “health fairs” that have taken place at the LA Forum and in Wise County VA? Once they were only seen in third world countries! Now, tens of thousands of people who haven’t been seen by a doctor or dentist in years line up in the middle of the night for free healthcare! In the USA-“home of the best healthcare in the world”. America used to be the beacon that all nations aspired to become (or maybe this was also a myth created by the media?), now we’re the greatest show on Earth-a bunch of clowns rivaling Ringling Brothers!

 Are we not moral human beings? Why do we let Republican pundits like Frank Luntz, and Rush Limbaugh stigmatize anything that’s good for society as “socialism”? Think about it-we could not live without some of our socialized institutions. Isn’t Medicare, the VA Healthcare System, the Military Health System, the police, the firemen, the post office, land ibraries social institutions that we cannot live without? Most of us want to go to centers of excellence for our healthcare (like cancer centers) which are established with tax dollars. We all want the FAA to safe guard our air travel so planes are crashing into one another. 

Most people are scared to death of losing their private health insurance. For some reason, they equate health insurance with healthcare. Remember, your doctors and hospitals care for your health, not your insurance companies. Private for profit health insurance companies actually interfere with your care. Ask your doctor who must first ask permission from your insurance companies to treat you (“mother may I”?). Wendell Porter who was an executive with CIGNA, a health insurance company, testified before congress about the procedures insurance companies go through to deny you care. Thirty cents of every dollar you pay in premiums is used for profits and to find ways to deny you care. Care doesn’t result in profits!  Even when care is covered by insurance, between the yearly and lifetime maximums, co-payments and deductibles, many are left with bills they cannot pay.cannot pay, forcing bankruptcy. In fact, half of all bankruptcies in the USA are due to medical expenses and most of these are folks had insurance.

We must do something before the nation is bankrupt by the healthcare industry. I find it hard to believe that the rest of the world is wrong and the USA is right about universal national healthcare? A public option is a good way to start. Why don’t we just give it a chance? After all, any insurance is better than no insurance at all.


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