The Real Death Panels-Private Health Insurance Companies

All people need healthcare to achieve, maintain, and restore health. The public confuses health insurance with healthcare. Health insurance is not health care.Your doctor and hospital provide healthcare and insurance companies merely get in the way by denying care or dropping coverage. The problems we face with our healthcare system are the direct result of for-profit health insurers who charge high premiums,  deny treatment, drop coverage, restrict choice and discourage proper care. To increase profits (which is why they are in business in the first place) insurance companies must decrease costs which means withholding access to needed healthcare. The medical establishment spends nearly $400 billion a year on administrative costs largely because of the extensive health insurance bureaucracy. If we had a single-payer system, this could be used to provide healthcare for all Americans.

America can no longer afford private health insurance corporations determining who gets care and from which doctors. Insurance companies have only Wall Street to answer to.  Keeping the current insurance apparatus has resulted in the U.S. having by far, the highest per capita cost of health care, and the worst healthcare outcomes in the industrialized world. It’s incredible, but true, that we all pay more than universal comprehensive healthcare would cost, in order to let the insurance and managed care corporations “just say no” to needed healthcare. Allowing those profiteering gatekeepers say “No” to healthcare for some doesn’t save us money. It costs us money – and it harms our health. Every other wealthy nation on Earth has a single payer system that provides less expensive and better quality healthcare (by nearly all measures) than America!

We are the only wealthy nation on Earth that does not provide healthcare to every citizen.We spent billions of dollars to prevent another tragedy like 9/11 that killed 3000 people; yet, 20,000 Americans die everyday because they did not have health insurance and could not afford to get the care they needed. The insurance companies are indeed the real death panels in America. This is not right!


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