What is the Fuss All About-160 Million People Already Belong to a Public Health Plan!

The senior editor for Healthcare Finance News, Diana Manos, wrote in the August issue that half of the U.S. population are eligible for public healthcare programs (“Public health plans? We have them already”). Despite the objections from mobs at town hall meetings, these public plans are welcome by those who are covered by them and they are the mainstays of our society. Here is a breakdown of those who are covered by government health plans:

  1. 45 million people are on Medicare
  2. 60 million people have Medicaid
  3. 15 million children are covered by SCHIP
  4. all 50 states provide healthcare coverage to 7 million state government employees, retirees and their families
  5. 26 million Veterans are eligible for free or nearly free healthcare
  6. the department of defense-more than 1 million men and women on active duty, along with 684,000 civilian personnel, 1.1 million in the National Guard and their family members all receive military health benefits.
  7. The Bureau of Labor statistics reports 1.8 million civilian federal workers, not to mention their families, who can partake in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan.
  8. 8. Plus the number of people in agencies such as the CIA, NSA, etc which cannot disclosed for security reason.

These total roughly 160 million people. I ask you, what is the big deal adding another 45 million uninsured? We can save 22,000 deaths a year just by providing insurance. That’s right-22,000 loose their lives just because they lack health insurance-it’s the 6thleading cause of death in the USA. Ahead of HIV and diabetes! Don’t let the mobs get away with murder! Shout them down and demand healthcare reform!


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