Healthcare Reform-NOW

As reported today by the AP (, in the state of N.Y. insurance companies will no longer be able to use the databases which were established by one of the largest insurance companies UnitedHealth to determine what “usual and customary” charges should be on doctors/hospital bills?!? And, clients, like you and I, were not privy to the data-TOP SECRET. So, for example, you went to the doctor and he billed you $100 for the visit. You submitted it to the insurance company for payment and they established that the usual and customary charges were $75. If you were responsible for a 20%, instead of owing $20 (20% of $100) you would now pay $40 (insurance company would reimburse 80% of $75 = $60 leaving you to pay 20% or $15 plus $25 which is the difference from the insurance company’s determination of usual and customary charges and the doctors original bill). Big advantage to the insurance company who sets what is usual and customary. Anthony Cuomo, the N.Y attorney general, is putting an end to all of this. He’s closing down the database company owned by Ingenix and  has received a pledge from UnitedHealth to provide $50 million to establish an independent data base which will be open to the public.

Why would anyone in their right mind object to an OPTION to choose a public plan? The insurance companies have screwed us all out of $ billions (and caused needless suffering and in some cases death)  for heaven’s sake. It’s not hard to imagine how we can save  $ billions by introducing a pubic plan just to keep the private insurance companies honest!


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