Demand the Right Care and Eliminate Unnecessary Care!

It is well known that Americans get too much unnecessary care to the tune of over $700 billion dollars and over 20,000 preventable deaths. Incredibly, as reported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the medium level of needed necessary care across 45 core measurements is only 59%! For example, the best practice guidelines recommends that diabetics get an annual blood glucose test, eye exam, and foot exam, yet only 40% of such patients receive these three simple recommended treatments, which would prevent kidney disease, blindness, and amputations ( I have my own theory why this is happening-money!! The unnecessary angioplasties, by-pass operations, prostatectomies, back surgeries, knee surgeries, MRI’s, and Cesarean sections add up to big bucks. The routine care which prevents complications of diseases such as diabetes is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t fetch the $$$ physicians, hospitals, and the drug and device companies believe they deserve.

Mr. Obama is requesting over $1 billion over the next few years to compare the effectiveness of competing treatments for common conditions like back pain, heart disease, and prostate cancer ( To no one’s surprise, the medical device companies (like the notorious Medtronics), some doctors and their political allies are firmly against them. Money is being made at the expense of our health! This doesn’t happen in countries where healthcare is nationalized and they have much better health than we do (just check out adult and infant mortality rates).

Get on the horn to your congressmen and senators and demand better care before you wind up bankrupt and living on the streets. Don’t listen to the hypocrits who criticize such studies as steps to socialized medicine. These folks are rich and could care less about what happens to the rest of us (yes, jerks like Rush Limbaugh). These people have been feeding us this crap for far too long!!!


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